Risk Advisory Services

Risk management and mitigation is a key focus area / demands primetime of the CXOs / Corporate Boards in the current complex work environment. With stringent regulatory norms and emergence of informed stakeholders group, the Corporates are obliged to possess / demonstrate more robust checks and balances within its system, than ever before.

The time constraint / the need to do Risk management on real time basis, further complicates this situation.

Traczen endeavours to provide / build solutions specific to the client needs along with our Technology Partners. Traczen believes in a systematic approach to identify, assess and monitor enterprise risks and implementing a risk-based approach to planning and executing internal audit processes

Our Risk advisory services cover the following spectrum of services:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of risk management and internal controls

  • Process and Control reviews

  • Internal Audit services

  • Concurrent Audits

  • Governance Risk and Compliance Services

  • Creating operations manuals